Earth Day is 5 weeks away. How does GREEN look in 2017?

Environmentally responsible is something that every company and every person wants to be, but it’s not always easy. Every year, as we approach Earth Day, it’s a great time to take stock of what we do to help the environment.

At home our commitment to green can be obvious. Whether it be the blue and the green bins, maybe its a programmable thermostat or maybe it’s going as far as an electric car or a solar panel system. All fantastic and tangible ways that we can make a difference.

At work it might be more difficult to make a difference as we might not be in roles where we can impact company wide change but there are always small things we can do. Going as paperless as possible, not printing out that extra email, car pooling to work or using refillable water bottles or coffee cups.

Sometimes the problem with going green comes down to the green itself, money. Being green often costs more money upfront and in today’s world many of us just can’t afford to take the green steps we might want to. Wouldn’t we all drive a Tesla if we could?

Marketing green is a wonderful thing to do but how do we walk the walk as part of our daily marketing campaigns and promotional activities? How can we encourage our employees and / or clients to be more green as part of their daily lives? With that in mind, here arcotton-totee a few green ideas to think about as Earth Day 2017 approaches.

Cotton – Look for products made of 100% cotton, or 100% organic cotton. Organic cotton farming techniques maintain soil fertility and reduce toxic pesticides and insecticides that pollute our air and water. Whether buying in small or large quantities, ask for these products in cotton to make your promotion greener; tote bags, shopper bags, hats, t-shirts, lanyards, towels.

bobbleFiltered water bottles – Globally, humans consume 190 billion litres of bottled water per year and over 85% of these bottles end up in the garbage as opposed to recycling. Obviously a major landfill issue, but did you know that it takes almost 110 million barrels of oil to produce those water bottles. When purchasing bottles for your company, clients or as event give-aways look for filtered bottles to continue reducing the need for bottled water.  Not only do filters remove harmful ingredients such as chlorine and organic contaminants found in tap water, but 1 filter can provide up to 300 bottles of clean, fresh drinking water. Consider putting your corporate logo on a filtered water bottle to remind your clients you’re conscious of their health and the environment each time they refill.

Refillable notebooks – yes, being paperless would be ideal and many people use their phone, tablets and computers for notes and to track their to do’s but checklists, meeting notes and journaling (both work and personal) are still prevalent and always will be. Next time you are looking for branded notebooks, looks for ones that can refilled and maybe try and insert a card as to where they can order refills that contain recycled paper.

Health & Wellness – as we approach summer a very popular theme for any event taking place outside are health and wellness items like
lip balm and sun screen. When looking for these items request “all natural” items that meet with FDA and other heath and environmental organization regulations.

Messaging: If you are committed to taking a green approach with your gifting campaign, make sure you develop some messaging around your theme and create some awareness with your clients of your green intentions behind the gift. 

These are just a few green ideas to think about whether you are looking at an Earth Day campaign or just want to be more green with your next gifting campaign. We need to remember every little bit we can do will help. Maybe we won’t feel the impact today or tomorrow but it will be felt for future generations.

For more green ideas or to help create a green experience for your clients or employees, please contact r4 Marketing.